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Angela Bulich lives and works in Delray Beach, Florida. Angela received a Bachelors in Biological Science with a concentration in Biochemistry 2010-2014. A background in Science and working with at-risk neurodivergent children led to her self taught artistic deductions. Angela is now a multidisciplinary artist working in jewelry metalsmithing, sculpture and painting. She moves through disciplines as she explores a theme and the way materiality informs that theme.

Her works are figurative, contemplative, sometimes wearable, with an emphasis on optic sensibilities--mindful of the brain’s fondness of philosophical symbolism and perceptual problem solving. She is influenced by minimalism as it expresses autonomy for constructed objects and the space created by it--This notions evolved into an art and design focused jewelry line “Leather Stone Metal” aptly named for the strict set of materials used in her process. Each piece of jewelry is akin to a small sculpture with consideration for composition and construction, even consumerism.

Her recent sculptural works are robust structural elements. These stereotypical masculine constructions and processes are met with fluid feminine forms; these are the opposite but interconnected forces that inhabit all disciplines of her work and especially her renditions of the classic female form. These are the featureless, “venus figures”, one of the oldest and continuously enduring subject matters in art history.

Works from her most recent series feature inconspicuous open cube containers, transforming into a glowing undercurrent of venus figure waves, and unseen shadows casted at the right time-space. Also hand forged and hand cut metal adornments seemingly plucked from the shadows of prior works. Her practice is a reminder that meanings move through mediums, context, time. Artwork that shape shifts. As do we.