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2013, Riverside CA, JAHZ Project Space, Group Exhibition “Come Through”
-Works displayed: Ice cream and Isoprene I, Ice cream and Isoprene II
2013, Riverside CA, JAHZ Project Space, Group Exhibition “Dill that taunts”
-Works displayed: Phase I, Phase II
2014, Riverside CA: B.S. in Biological Science
-Concentration In Human Biochemistry, maintained consistent elected coursework in Painting and Sculpture Studio Art Classes
2016, Sonora CA, Ventana Gallery, Manager, Curator, participating artist
-Directed a contemporary fine art gallery representing several local professional artists as well as managing a private collection of early California vintage work.
-Manage the lifecycle of purchasing fine art, maintain key relationships with patrons, buyers, and potential artists
2017, Sonora CA, Founded Leather Stone Metal
-Design focused fine jewelry collections sold in local contemporary galleries
2017, Sonora CA, KinArt Gallery, Duo Exhibition “Emotional Anatomy”
-Curator and Participating Artist: Two Artists interested in dissecting our human experience through feeling and color . One harnesses collage works to evoke what could be--an emotive and surrealist play into the mysterious parts of the mind that give way to an individual's psyche. Another’s paintings are abstract and minimally figurative, meant to invoke attention to what is: perception-- visual displays of cognizance.
2018, Sonora CA: Special Education Teaching Permit
-Teacher at Jamestown Elementary School for at risk emotionally disturbed students. Using creative alternative teaching methods for positive behavioral interventions
2019, Sonora CA, Grant Recipient, “Mountain Performers Fund”
-Awarded by the 2nd Saturday Art Night Committee to create engaging art in the community
2019, Sonora CA, House O’ Beauty Gallery, Solo Exhibition “Diary” by Teddy Montori
-In this graphic narrative of 22 works, minimalist illustrations and a diluted palette embody the mind of a calm and withdrawn anti-hero. An apathetic femme fatale who bathes in melancholy and revels in loneliness. In her visual diary shrouded under the stars: small poetic moments between the bathtub and bedroom-both mundane and evocative.
2020, Tahoe City: Full Time Artist and Jeweler
-Maintaining web development and e-commerce of Leather Stone Metal. International sales and attention working from a single mountainside artist studio
2021, Delray Beach FL, Arts Warehouse
-Admitted into Arts Warehouse Artist Residency program. Working towards a solo exhibition and debut curatorial practice while partnering with local art institutions to sell and display sculptural jewelry in the fine art space.
2022, Delray Beach FL, Arts Warehouse, Group Exhibition "Waves"
-The theme of this Exhibition is Waves, in conjunction with Delray Beach Climate & Art Weekend 2022: climate education outreach event to raise awareness about the impacts of climate changes and the need to proactively adapt
-Works Displayed "Tides"
2022, West Palm Beach FL, Armory Art Center, Group exhibition "Verdant Bodies"
-A Contemporary Art Jewelry Exhibition 
-Works Displayed: Crust, Seabed, Astral Projections
2022, Delray Beach, Arts Warehouse, Group exhibition "In Peices"
-Works Displayed: She/Hertz, Cube, Cube Studies
2022, Delray Beach, Arts Warehouse East Gallery, Solo Exhibition "Vingettes"
2023, Delray Beach, Arts Warehouse , Group Exhibition "2023 Resident Show"